In the Step "Activate Your Income Streams", you have to input and save all your Affiliate ID's so you can earn from your multiple commissions. 

Make sure this is 100% correct by triple-checking each input. Watch Chuck's tutorials three times if you have to. We cannot stress this part enough because if the Affiliate ID's are saved incorrectly, you will lose commissions and there's nothing we can do about it.

Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't insert an entire website link (you must only save the actual ID, NOT the entire website)
  • Don't insert an email address (your affiliate ID would NEVER be an email address)

Here are checks you can do for some affiliate IDs (the others are random/ customized):

  • Wealthy Affiliate ID: should be made up of 8 randomized letters and numbers
  • Udimi: should be made up of 5 randomized letters and/or numbers

What you have to do now:

Click here to access the summary page of all your Affiliate IDs so you can double-check them.