Types of Partner Commissions & how you get paid:

  • $100 Partner Commissions: paid through Clickbank (check your Clickbank account)
  • $25 Blog Setup Commissions: paid manually by MOS*
  • Monthly Recurring GetResponse Commissions: paid out by GetResponse (check your affiliate account)
  • Monthly Recurring ClickMagick Commissions:  paid out by ClickMagick (check your affiliate account)
  • Course Income Streams: Various** 
  • Partner Traffic Income Streams: paid manually by MOS*
  • Banner Ads Income Streams: paid manually by MOS* 
  • Bonus DFY Automated Emails Commissions: This is only if you've set up the Bonus DFY Lead Gen System (optional). Paid out manually by MOS*

Types of  Legendary Partner Commissions:

(All Legendary Partner Commissions are paid out manually by MOS*)

  • $500 Legendary 1st Tier Commission
  • $500 Legendary Passup Commission
  • $100 Legendary 1st Tier Matching Bonus
  • $100 Legendary Passup Matching Bonus
  • $50 Partner 1st Tier Matching Bonus

*For all manual payments paid by MOS: All manual payments incur a 45 Days Holding Period. This is made up of 30 Days Refund + 15 Days Extra Holding Period. Once the holding period is over, you will get paid. Read this article here to find out how manual payments are paid.

**Course Income Streams are paid in various ways (some by the actual 3rd party company and some manually by MOS).