Read this article first to find out what your 2 types of referral links are. Then read here to understand which one to use.

What does each Referral Link do?

  1. Your Raw Affiliate Link: When leads click on this link, they will land on the MOS Registration Page. Here's where they can create an account and become your official referral. Referrals are hard coded to you for life. So whenever they upgrade or invest in any of the recommended tools & resources recommended inside MOS, you will earn commissions.
  2. Your DFY System Link: When leads click on this link, they first land on a capture page which is used to "capture" the lead's email address inside your Autoresponder (GetResponse) so that you can build your email list (your greatest asset online). If they opt into this page, they are your Email Subscriber. After that, they are redirected to the MOS Registration Page and the process above kicks in like normal. 

So which Referral Link do I use?

So in both cases, members are still able to become your Referral (as both links will direct them to the MOS Registration Page). However, DFY System Link helps you build your email list on top. That's the main difference.

Of course, we recommend to set up your DFY System so that you can build your email list. However, it requires that you invest in our recommended tracking tool (Clickmagick) and autoresponder (GetResponse). So if you cannot afford these on a monthly basis, you should not set it up. 

In this case, please feel free to use your Raw Affiliate Link to promote. You will still earn every commission as normal. You just won't be able to build your email list just yet. But don't worry - once you earn with MOS and are more comfortable with your finances, it's not too late to set up your DFY System then :).