Your MOS Dashboard

To check your commissions, click on the top tab "Account" > "My Earnings".

You will land on your MOS Commission Dashboard. This Dashboard gets updated manually by our team once a day (usually by 12pm AEST).

So if you make a sale that gets automatically reflected inside Clickbank, you may not see it in your Dashboard until a few hours later. 

What commissions are included in my MOS Dashboard?

The following commissions are included in your MOS Dashboard:

  • Partner: $100 Partner Commissions
  • Partner: $25 Blog Setup Commissions
  • Partner: Course Income Streams (some)
  • Partner: Banner Ads Income Streams
  • Partner: Bonus DFY Automated Emails Commissions
  • Legendary: $500 Legendary 1st Tier Commission
  • Legendary: $500 Legendary Passup Commission
  • Legendary: $100 Legendary 1st Tier Matching Bonus
  • Legendary: $100 Legendary Passup Matching Bonus
  • Legendary: $50 Partner 1st Tier Matching Bonus

The reason we cannot include all types of commissions inside your MOS Dashboard is because we do not have control over some 3rd party companies that you earn commissions from (e.g. GetResponse or Clickmagick).

Hence read this article for all other types of commissions and where to check them.