My Online Startup was created by Chuck. Here's his personal note:

"I’ve been scammed so many times since I started my online business back in 2012. And to be honest I’m actually pretty sick and tired of seeing good people being forced to waste their money on courses, programs, companies or any magic software that simply do not work. 

The industry is changing and everyone is trying to make a quick buck selling dreams with false promises. And it’s honestly not fair for good people like you who waste their hard-earned money on this type of crap. 

That’s why I decided to do what no one else dares to do, which is to create… “A Free Education Platform Where Anyone Can Join, Learn, Start & Grow Their Very Own Six Figure Online Business from scratch”.

The truth is, I believe the online industry needs to change. What it needs is more honesty, more transparency and just straight up more caring. You see, while every Guru out there is focused on push button magic software and get rich schemes...

We, at My Online Startup, focus on interactive training, a tight-knit learning community and only up to date proven strategies. I promise you right now, you will definitely love our free education platform and trust me when I say… You have not seen anything like what you’re about to get free access to."