It's completely optional

The Bonus DFY System is completely optional. Please consider the following before deciding whether you want to take advantage of the Bonus DFY System or not:

Can I afford it?

As the DFY System requires monthly investments of GetResponse and Clickmagick, if you cannot afford these costs consistently on a monthly basis, please do not set it up.

Please understand our team builds and integrates your entire DFY System for you at no service cost at all. It takes a lot of our time and effort and our team does not get paid for this service. So if you get our team to set it up for you, just to cancel it within a month, it wastes everyone's time. 

So please consider whether you can afford GetResponse and Clickmagick consistently on a monthly basis before asking our team to set it up for you. This would be highly appreciated.

What will I be missing?

As a quick explanation, the DFY System builds your email list on autopilot while you promote. It does this by

  1. Capturing your leads inside your autoresponder (GetResponse) and sends out 165 Automated emails to encourage your subscribers to either a) create an account to MOS b) upgrade to Partner and c) invest in other tools and resources for their online business. Of course, you will earn all commissions that your subscribers invest in through your 165 email sequence
  2. Tracking where exactly your leads are coming from (ClickMagick). You can tell which traffic source your leads came from (if you're using multiple traffic sources). You can also tell which country each of your leads came from within those traffic sources.

How about my Partner commissions?

If you do not set up your Bonus DFY System, you will still be able to earn all your partner commissions as normal (See this article for a full list of commission you earn as a Partner).

That is, if you use your Raw Affiliate Link (the one you find on top of every video inside your Partner Membership area), you will NOT miss out on any Partner commissions.

The only thing you will miss out on is building your email list (via GetResponse) and tracking your leads (via Clickmagick).

What's the recommendation for someone tight on budget?

If you cannot afford GetResponse and Clickmagick on a monthly basis, we highly recommend you not get your Bonus DFY System.

Instead, we suggest you continue to use your Raw Affiliate Link (the one you find on top of every video inside your Partner Membership area). And once you're more comfortable with your finances you can always get your Bonus DFY System then. It's never too late as you're still building your "Team" inside your MOS Membership.