Your Bonus DFY System comes with 165 Automated Emails uploaded and ready to go. So each of your subscribers will get one email every day over 165 days in total.

The 165 Emails are carefully engineered and written by Chuck himself to provide value to your subscribers as well as recommend products & services that they can use for their own online business. 

The first 35 emails will encourage your subscribers to, first of all, create a MOS account as well as encourages them to upgrade to Partner. The remaining emails are a mix of giving value as well as recommendations to other products & services that they may want to invest in for their own online business. 

To see the full list of 165 Automated Emails you can go to your System Tutorials side menu tab inside your Partner Membership area and click on the red button at the bottom of that page or simply click here. 

Of course, if they invest in any of the recommendations via your 165 emails, you will earn the commissions. Read this article on how your earnings work for your DFY System Emails.