100% yes.

When we build your DFY System for you, we upload 165 Automated Emails that Chuck wrote himself. Read this article here on what these emails consist of

The 165 Automated Emails belong to you

Please be assured that these 165 Emails belong to you. So if your subscribers choose to invest in any of the affiliate offers mentioned in these 165 Emails, then you will earn the commissions. If anyone else would earn them that wouldn't make any sense since they're your emails inside your GetResponse account :)

How you earn from the 165 Automated Emails

First, click here to access a table of your 165 Automated Emails.

This table tells you how you get paid for each of the 165 Emails - see the column called "Payout Method". There's only two types:

  • Clickbank Commissions - you will get paid straight to your Clickbank account (most of your emails are paid out this way)
  • Manual Commissions* - you will get paid manually by MOS (this is because not everyone can become an affiliate for these offers so we track your commissions using your MOS username as a sub-ID. You will get paid these commissions after our holding period. See this article on all types of payments)

*The reason why we have to track your commissions via a sub-ID (using your MOS username) is because some of the affiliate programs that are recommended in your 165 emails do not approve everyone as an affiliate. On top of that not everyone has Paypal to receive the commissions (the main payout method). Hence Chuck will earn the commissions for you and pay you out manually. 

You can also switch out affiliate links to your own (optional)

On the other hand, if you can get accepted as an affiliate AND do have Paypal as a payment option for certain offers, you can switch out the links with your own affiliate links. To see which offers these are, see the column "Link" and look for the "Can Change" options. 

"Affiliate Promo" & P.S. Links are rotated

Now there's one type of email called "Affiliate Promo". This is the only type of email that promotes different affiliate products on rotation i.e. Chuck switches out the offer in these "Affiliate Promo" emails regularly, depending on its conversions. 

Similarly, you will notice that the "P.S." in most of your emails will also promote this "Affiliate Promo". It works the same way. Offers are switched out by Chuck on rotation depending on its conversion.

As Chuck chooses these offers primarily on their conversion rate, often you cannot be an affiliate for these programs so we will definitely have to pay you out manually for these.