One of the many benefits as a Partner is that you get paid "Course Income Streams", which means you get paid affiliate commissions from every tool, software, books, and any other resource that is recommended throughout our My Online Startup Course. This includes Wealthy Affiliate, Udimi, Traffic For Me, GetResponse, Clickmagick, Clickfunnel, Thrive Leads, Sqribble, Email Swipes, Site Ground, Blue Host, Fiverr, Snappa... and so much more (basically any affiliate links you see within our My Online Startup membership).

You will see that in your Partner Membership area, you're asked to create affiliate accounts for some of these programs/ tools such as Wealthy Affiliate, Udimi, Traffic For Me, GetResponse, Clickmagick. 

All other commissions for the other programs/ tools are tracked by us using your MOS username as a sub-ID. These are then paid out manually by MOS. (This is why you see the first step in unlocking your Income Streams as "Unlock Manual Commissions").

The reason we don't ask you to create an affiliate account for all of the programs/ tools is because not everyone can become an affiliate of those programs (e.g. you have to provide proof of your track record in making sales) and not everyone can get paid by those programs (e.g. most affiliates have their Paypal account shut down). Hence Chuck earns these commissions for you as an affiliate but tracks it back to you using a sub-ID which is your MOS username. 

For a list of Partner Commissions and how you get paid for each, please read this article here.

For an explanation of how your Manual commissions get paid out, please read this article here.