Date: 11 August 2023

This article is relevant to you if you have submitted a request for a DFY Blog. This is the service where you purchased a hosting account with A2Hosting and you submitted a form for us to set up your Wordpress blog for you. A plugin called "Worth The Read" is no longer being maintained by the authors, and it is dangerous to continue using it. Here are instructions on how to remove the plugin.

NOTE: If you have any questions, please contact

1. Log into your Wordpress admin dashboard

Visit this URL: <>/login  where <yourdomain> is the domain of your blog.

Your username should be the email you used when you submitted the form to us.

2. Go to the "Plugins" section

Once you're inside the Wordpress admin dashboard, you should see a left sidebar. Click on the "Plugins" link

3. Find the plugin named "Worth the read"

Scroll down until you see a plugin named "Worth the read". You can also use ctrl+F or cmd+F if you're on a computer and search for "worth the read"

4. Deactivate the plugin

Under the name of the plugin, there should be a blue link that says "Deactivate". If you don't see this, it means the plugin is already deactivated. Click on "Deactivate"

5. Delete the plugin

After you deactivate the plugin, you should see different links below the plugin name, like "Activate" and "Delete". Simply click on "Delete" to delete the plugin.